Fabric Premium is a medically underwritten 20-year term life insurance policy, which for some, could mean that a brief health exam is required. This can depend on the state that you live in¹ or on the underwriters ability to make a final decision without an exam. 

For someone who submits an application and is required to complete a health exam, it's done at no cost to you, and you can even have your results sent to you. 

How does the health exam work?

Once you complete your Fabric Premium application, you'll select a convenient time for your health exam (if you don't see a convenient time, a scheduler will call you). The exam itself is easy – a trained medical professional will come to your home or office, the appointment will take 30-45 minutes, and you'll be done. (Yes, there are needles involved). Once the results are in (and any other necessary information is provided), you'll get your final decision/pricing and any other relevant information in just a few days. We'll keep you updated along the way, and you can always message us with questions.

How long will it take to get the health exam results?

Once you have completed your health check, it takes approximately five to seven business days for the results to be reviewed by the underwriting team. You can request a copy of these results by sending us a message. 

Do I need a second health exam if I convert Fabric Premium from term life to whole life?

No, just send us a support message and we'll get you on your way.

¹Full underwriting is required in the states of California and New York.

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