Once you submit your application, we’ll do a quick review to make sure it looks complete--that takes about a day or so. 

From there, if we can't make a final decision yet, our underwriting team may recommend a brief medical exam¹. (Additionally, some states always require full underwriting, which means you'll need a health check¹.) 

Here’s what to expect next:

  • You’ll receive a phone call from a company called APPS, our partner company, to confirm your health exam appointment. A trained medical professional will come to your home or office to ask questions about your medical history, height and weight measurements, blood pressure and pulse. APPS will mention Vantis Life, the insurer, when identifying themselves and will call a day or two prior to your appointment to confirm the time and place.
  • As part of the normal underwriting process, you may also receive a phone call from a company called EMSI that will ask a few questions about your history and work. If needed, their phone number is 1-800-586-5618. 
  • Vantis Life may also request a letter from your doctor to include in your application (we’ll take care of this for you, so no action is required).

Once the health exam is complete and and you've met any additional requirements, you’ll receive an email from Fabric. We'll let you know that a final decision has been made or that your policy, including final pricing, is ready for checkout. 

Please be aware that your application for Fabric Premium will not be complete until Vantis Life obtains all necessary information.

¹Full underwriting is required in the states of California and New York. This means that a medical exam will be needed as part of the application process.

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