You can get a quote for Fabric Premium here. All we need to know is your age, gender, state, whether you smoke and a general sense of your health (whether you’d rate yourself as excellent, good or OK).

We’ll provide you with an initial quote based on that info. That’s just an estimate of how much it might cost for you to get covered. Your real, confirmed price will be based on a more nuanced look at your health and personal situation. When you apply for Fabric Premium, we’ll ask you about any health conditions you might have, your work situation, your hobbies (for example, do you skydive?) and more. 

Based on that information, our underwriting team will determine if we can offer you coverage and if so, at what monthly rate. When possible, they’ll crunch the numbers and make you an offer immediately. In some cases, they may need to ask you some follow-up questions or request that you get a quick health exam (we’ll send someone to your home or office around your schedule—for free). Once the underwriters have reviewed your application, we may even be able to offer you a few pricing options with different term lengths and coverage amounts, to help you find a price that makes sense for your budget. 

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