You can get a basic quote for term life insurance coverage from Fabric here. All we need to know is your age, gender, state, whether you smoke and a general sense of your health (whether you’d rate yourself as excellent, good or OK). Note that the quote tool does not show Standard rates or lower.

With this info, you can get some general pricing. It’s a rough estimate of how much it might cost for you to get covered. If an offer for coverage can be made, your final, confirmed pricing will be based on a more nuanced look at your health and personal situation.

When you apply for term life insurance, we’ll ask you about any health conditions you might have, your work situation, your hobbies (for example, do you skydive?) and more.

Upon submission of the application, we may be able to make an offer for coverage right away. For others, the application will need review by the underwriting team before a final decision can be made. This review may include additional follow-up questions, requests for documents, such as your driver’s license, a review of your medical records, and/or a health exam.

In many states, when an offer for coverage is made, you’ll also have the option to change the term length and/or lower the coverage amount prior to purchasing so you can find a price that makes sense for your budget.

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