From starting the application to getting a final decision, the process for Fabric Premium (term life insurance) can vary from person to person. The online application itself only takes about five minutes and you don’t need to talk to any insurance agents.

Whenever possible, we’ll make you an offer immediately so you can sign up right away.  In some cases, we may have follow-up questions or ask you to take a quick health exam. We make the health exam as easy as possible: You’ll be asked to schedule a qualified examiner to come to your home or office around your schedule, at no cost to you. In these cases, we’ll get back to you with a final decision as soon as all of the other requirements have been received. 

Note that California and New York require full underwriting. That means that you have to take a health exam as part of the application process, even if we’d otherwise be fine with you skipping it. It’s a law in those states.

If you’re a Fabric Instant customer who’s applying to upgrade to Fabric Premium, your accidental death policy will remain in effect while you go through the application process for Fabric Premium. Once the Fabric Premium policy has been purchased, your Fabric Instant policy would automatically terminate.

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