A term life insurance policy from Fabric by Gerber Life covers death not only from accidents but also from illnesses.

With term life insurance, if you pass away while your policy is active and in force, a person of your choosing (your “life insurance beneficiary”) will receive a lump sum payment. Your policy will be in force for a predetermined time period, or the “term" length, so long as all premium payments are made.

The term life insurance policy Fabric offers has some common exclusions. For example, your claim could be denied if you commit suicide within two years of your policy’s issue date, or if you misrepresent yourself on your application. The policy does not include any other specific exclusions.

Also built into the policy is an accelerated death benefit rider for terminal illness. This means that if the insured becomes terminally ill (12 or fewer months to live), they can access a portion of the benefits while still living. Because it is built into the cost of the policy, there is no additional fee to include it. There are no other riders available at this time.

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