The application process, which determines if an offer for coverage can be made at all, varies from person to person. One thing that does remain the same for each applicant is that the process begins by completing an online application and from there, there are three basic paths for the application to take:

Path #1

Whenever possible, we'll make you an offer immediately upon submission so you can obtain coverage right away.

Path #2

In some instances, if you do not qualify for coverage through us, we’ll know that immediately as well. If that is the case, you would not be able to submit your application for any further review.

Path #3

If an immediate offer (or an immediate decision of ineligibility) cannot be made, applications are referred to our team of underwriters for further review before a decision can be made. As part of this review process, we may have follow-up questions, request your medical records, and/or ask you to schedule and take a quick health exam.

If you are asked to take a health exam - We make the health exam as easy as possible. You’ll be asked to schedule an appointment with a qualified examiner to come to your home or office around your schedule, at no cost to you. Here’s more on what to expect from the life insurance health exam.

Not all applications will receive an offer for coverage. If you are declined, we will notify you as soon as possible.

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