Once you submit your application, we’ll do our best to offer you coverage immediately. 

If we need a little more info before we can make a final decision, our underwriting team may reach out to you with any additional questions. In some cases, they may also ask you to take a brief health exam. We make this as convenient for you as possible: A qualified health professional will work around your schedule (including nights and weekends!) and come to your home or office, at no cost to you. He or she may take your blood pressure and pulse, draw blood and ask you questions about your health.

Note that California and New York require full underwriting. That means that you have to take a health exam as part of the application process, even if we’d otherwise be fine with you skipping it. It’s a law in those states.

More specifically, here’s how it’ll go down:

  • You’ll receive a phone call from a company called APPS, our partner company, to confirm your appointment. APPS will mention Vantis Life, the insurer who backs our insurance products, when identifying themselves. They’ll also call a day or two prior to your appointment to confirm the time and place.
  • You may also receive a phone call from our underwriting team, if they have any additional questions while reviewing your application. Although they’re very much part of our team, our underwriters officially work for a company called EMSI. If for any reason you need to call them, you can do so at 1-800-586-5618. 
  • Our underwriting team may need to view your medical records, and will sometimes request a written statement from your doctor, as well. We’ll take care of this for you, so no action is typically required. Some doctors require their patients to sign a release form proving that they give permission for us to view their records. If that’s the case with your doctor’s office, we’ll let you know.
  • From there, we'll let you know when we’ve made a final decision on your application, and if that includes an offer of coverage, it’ll include final pricing as well.
  • You’re ready for checkout to begin coverage!

Your application for Fabric Premium will not be complete until you answer any follow-up questions, take a health exam if required and we’ve received all necessary information.

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