Most often, paramed exams take approximately thirty minutes and include the following:

Paramedical Report (20 minutes)

  • This entails a qualified examiner asking you about your complete medical history and your family’s medical history. It includes your examiner taking your vital signs (height, weight, blood pressure, pulse—and for men only, chest measurements) and a urine specimen.

  • You’ll need to provide any names, addresses and phone numbers for your doctors.

  • You’ll be asked about the dates, reasons and diagnoses for past visits to your doctor(s) within the last five years.

  • You’ll need to provide the dosage and duration of any medications you’re currently taking. To make it easier, you might want to just bring any bottles with you to your appointment.

Blood Sample (10 minutes)

  • The insurer, Vantis Life Insurance Company, requires that you have your blood drawn. This could be from your arm or from your finger. Only sterile, disposable needles and supplies will be used.

  • Your blood sample will be sent to a lab designated by Vantis. Your lab results will be sent directly to the underwriting department to be used in determining if coverage can be offered to you.

  • If you’d like, you can request to see your blood results, as well.

Occasionally, depending on your age and the coverage amount you’re applying for, your exam may require additional tests.

If this is the case, the examiner will explain what’s required when calling to confirm your appointment.

Additional tests may include one or more of the following:

Electrocardiogram (15 minutes)

  • Also known as an EKG or ECG, this is a painless procedure required for a subset of applicants. The examiner will place electrodes on the skin of your chest, arms and lower legs.

  • Once the electrodes have been placed, you’ll just need to lie flat, in a relaxed position.

  • Your EKG will need to take place in a location without any large electrical appliances running. (Some appliances can cause distortions in the EKG tracings). It’ll also need to take place somewhere that privacy is possible, as you will need to partially disrobe.

Physical Exam (45 minutes)

  • In addition to the elements in the paramedical report, the examiner may also perform a brief physical exam, which will require you to partially disrobe.

  • The parameters of this exam are defined by Vantis Life Insurance Company, and the examiner will let you know what these are when they call to confirm your appointment.

Treadmill EKG (60 minutes)

and X-rays (15-30 minutes)

  • These are not mobile tests and therefore not a part of the exam for many applicants.

  • If either of these tests is needed, APPS will help you make an appointment at a doctor’s office or clinic that’s convenient to you.

Other Services

  • In some instances, additional services may be requested or required by the insurer, Vantis Life Insurance Company.

Please note that all information obtained during the exam is strictly confidential and your test results will be sent only to the underwriting department to be used in the underwriting process.

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