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Help! I’m having trouble signing up!
Help! I’m having trouble signing up!

Is Fabric struggling to verify your identity? Here are a few common fixes that can help, such as checking the formatting of your info.

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When completing your life insurance application, be sure that all required information is input accurately and in the correct format. 

  • Your first and last name should match your Social Security card and driver's license (i.e. Robert, not Rob, Bob, Bobby, etc.)

  • Social Security number in XXX-XX-XXXX format

  • Date of birth in MM-DD-YYYY format

  • Physical address in the standardized format and not a P.O. Box address (ie 100 Main St. Apt 2B, Everytown, NY 12345)

  • Phone number in XXX-XXX-XXXX format

  • Email address spelled correctly

Be sure to check for typos—it can be easy to swap a number or two when inputting a phone number or SSN. If the system is still unable to verify your identity, unfortunately, we're unable to do anything beyond that to override the decision. 

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