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Help! My account won’t connect!
Help! My account won’t connect!

Fabric Vault is a way to sync up with your spouse around money. Having an issue? Here are three common solutions.

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If you’re experiencing an issue connecting an account, here are 3 common solutions:

  1. Ensure that you username and password have been entered correctly. Verify that they’re correct by logging into your account directly, then re-enter them into Fabric Vault. If you’re still experiencing problems, please wait 30 minutes before attempting again.

  2. Some institutions require you to log in and follow their instructions before connecting your account to Fabric Vault. Log in directly to your financial institution’s account and follow the steps they provide. 

  3. Incorrect answer to a security question. You will receive this error if you have answered one of your security questions incorrectly. Contact your financial institution if you believe this is incorrect. 

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