The policies we offer are issued by Vantis Life Insurance Company, an insurance provider since 1942 that is now wholly owned by Penn Mutual. Vantis Life is currently rated "A+" ("Superior") for financial strength and claims-paying ability by A.M. Best, a global authority on insurance company rankings. The policy you receive through Fabric is a legal contract between you and Vantis Life. It remains in force as long as you continue paying premiums.

For policies issued in most states, Fabric is the managing party.

This means that all policy management is handled by Fabric. For

example, Fabric manages policy administration tasks such as

payments, updating beneficiary information, updating address or

name information, and surrendering the policy.

If or when a claim is filed, the initial pre-claim intake is done

through Fabric, from there, Vantis Life begins the

formal claims submission process and is the company paying the death benefit.

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