How can my partner or spouse get covered, too?

Often, it makes sense for both spouses or partners to have term life insurance coverage. Here’s how to have more than one person apply.

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Just send your partner a link to Fabric’s insurance page to get them started with an application at any time.

We don’t support multiple users on the same Fabric account. This means if your spouse wants to apply for term life insurance or purchase an accidental death policy, he or she would need to create a separate Fabric account, using their own e-mail. You cannot complete an application on another individual’s behalf.

That said, we believe it’s very important for partners and other key people to know vital information about your policy, so they’ll know where to turn if ever they need it. That’s why we let you grant access to policy information to your beneficiary. So, if you and your spouse have designated each other as beneficiaries, you can see key information about each other’s policies by sharing this access through Fabric. 

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