If you're 25-44, accidental death is your life's single biggest risk*. You can get coverage for accidental death with the policy we offer in two minutes.

*CDC: National Vital Statistics Report, Volume 64, Number 2. (February 16, 2016), Table 9.

Accidental death insurance provides coverage in the event of death due to an accident. Examples of what's covered include unexpected events like car, bike, and commercial air crashes, fire, and murder.

Illness-related causes, such as heart attacks, are not covered by accidental death insurance.

If you’re looking for coverage that covers death due to accidents and illness, you can apply for a term life insurance policy from Fabric.

What is not covered by accidental death insurance?

Accidental death insurance comes with some exclusions (events that are not covered). Examples include things like death from illnesses, suicide, and death while participating in a riot or committing a crime. Since these exclusions vary by state, tap the "What's covered by Fabric Instant?" link during signup to see your state's exclusions. It is on the screen where you select your pricing plan.

If you’re interested in term life insurance coverage instead—which covers more situations, such as death caused by an illness— check out the policy we offer. (Not available in MT, CA, or NY)

How much is accidental death insurance?

We offer three simple plans (though prices may vary by state). They start at:

  • $6 per month for $100,000 in coverage
  • $15 per month for $250,000 in coverage
  • $30 per month for $500,000 in coverage

Who issues Fabric's policies?

All policies from Fabric are issued by Vantis Life Insurance Company, an insurance provider since 1942. Vantis Life is currently rated "A+" ("Superior") for financial strength and claims-paying ability by A.M. Best, a global authority on insurance company rankings. The policy you receive from Fabric is a legal contract between you and Vantis Life. It remains in force as long as you continue paying premiums.

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