The accidental death policy we offer is guaranteed issue and is available for people between the ages of 25-50. This means that you don’t need to take a health exam in order to qualify.

You should already have everything you'll need to apply for and purchase the policy, like your name, address, date of birth and so on. From start to finish, you can be covered in just about two minutes.

All that’s required is a connection to the internet, a credit card, a cellular telephone, a Social Security number and a willingness to answer some basic questions openly and honestly.

If you’re looking for broader coverage against not just accident-related causes but also illness-related death, you might consider applying for term life insurance. As a term life insurance policy offers more extensive coverage related to health and lifestyle, it is medically underwritten for each individual. In order to see if coverage can be offered, you first need to fill out health information as part of the application.In some cases we may ask you to answer additional questions or take a health exam.

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