We offer an accidental death policy that covers you against death caused by accidents but not by illnesses. It’s different from term life insurance in two main ways.

First, term life insurance covers both accidents and illness. Because it covers health-related causes of death, the pricing takes your personal health and lifestyle into consideration.

Also, as the name suggests, term life insurance covers you for a specific term, or time period. People usually choose a term that reflects a time period of particular need for their families—for example, if you had a baby, you might choose a 20-year term to help cover your family while you’re raising your child. At the end of your term, you can choose to renew your policy annually (monthly payment rates will be higher because you’re now 20 years older), or not.

The accidental death policy we offer, by contrast, is the same monthly cost for everyone, regardless of your age or health. Anyone 25 to 50 years old can purchase the accidental death policy and maintain it until age 60, when coverage terminates.

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