Accidental death insurance is insurance for accidental death, your life’s single biggest risk when you are 25-44*.

Examples of what’s covered include: unexpected events like car, bike and even fire. Illness-related or other natural causes, such as heart attacks, are not covered by accidental death insurance.

Accidental death insurance comes with some other exclusions as well, which may vary by state. Examples of exclusions include things like: participating in a riot, committing a felony or engaging in sky-diving.

During signup, you can tap the "What's covered?" link to see the full list of your state's exclusions – it is on the screen where you select your pricing plan.

Exclusions are also stated in your policy documents, which can be downloaded from your Fabric account at any time.

Accidental death insurance is available in all states (and the District of Columbia) except for Colorado, Massachusetts, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.

*CDC: National Vital Statistics Report, Volume 64, Number 2; (February 16, 2016), Table 9.

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