Accidental death insurance provides coverage from death due to an accident. Examples of what's covered include unexpected events like car, bike and commercial air crashes, fire and murder.

Illness-related causes such as heart attacks are not covered.

If you want broader coverage against causes such as illness, you might consider a term life insurance policy. , which covers both accidents and illnesses. If you already have an accidental death policy from Fabric, you can apply for term life insurance coverage later.

This policy is not available in MT, CA or NY.

What is not covered by accidental death insurance?

Accidental death insurance comes with some exclusions (events that are not covered). Examples include things like death from illnesses, suicide, and death while participating in a riot or committing a crime. During signup, tap the "What's covered by Fabric Instant?" link to see your state's exclusions – it is on the screen where you select your pricing plan.

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