You’ll start with our online application, which can be completed in about five minutes.

In the application, you’ll be asked about your personal, professional and health situation. That’s because term life insurance is medically underwritten, meaning that your risk factors are taken into account to determine whether coverage can be offered to you and, if so, at what rate.

For some, an immediate decision will be made upon submission of the application; either offering coverage upon submission or letting you know you’re not eligible. In other cases, the application will need to be reviewed by our underwriting team to determine if any additional requirements are needed before they can make a final decision.

As part of this review, we might ask follow-up questions, request medical records for review, and/or require a medical exam be taken. If a medical exam is needed, it would be at no cost to you and entails a trained professional working around your schedule to meet you conveniently at home or work. This exam includes a blood draw and other medical questions.

Once the team has the information they need, we’ll get back to you with a final decision. If an offer for coverage is made, you’ll see your final pricing prior to making a purchase and entering any payment information.

For most states, you’ll also have the option to reduce the term length and/or coverage amount to customize your offer to fit your budget before you buy the policy.

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