Your monthly life insurance payment is called a premium. When your payments are up to date, your policy is considered “in force,” or active. If you get behind on your premium payments, then your policy could lapse, and your coverage could end.

If we don’t receive your payment on the due date, you’ll enter a 31-day grace period. During that time, your coverage will remain active, but the clock will have started. Our system will automatically attempt to process the overdue payment each day going forward.

If we still haven't received your payment by the 32nd day after your due date, your coverage will enter a reinstatement period. Our system will continue to attempt to collect both missed monthly payments until your payment is 60 days past due in order to get your policy back in good standing. 

If payment has not been received after 60 days, your policy will lapse due to nonpayment and will no longer be active or in force.

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