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How does Fabric by Gerber Life work?
How does Fabric by Gerber Life work?
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Fabric by Gerber Life is a one-stop-shop for new parents looking to organize their family's financial life.

We offer simple and affordable term life insurance. These policies are issued by Western-Southern Life Assurance Company, a Western & Southern company (with a heritage dating back to 1888), rated "A+" ("Superior") for financial strength by A.M. Best. Western & Southern is the parent company of Gerber Life Agency.

We also offer a free last will and testament that has been used by tens of thousands of families.

The Fabric app gives you access to additional tools to help plan your family’s financial future. The app allows you and your partner or spouse to collaborate on your family’s finances. It makes it easy to create a map of your financial accounts and securely share this information with each other so that it is always accessible and up-to-date in case the unexpected happens, as well as establish a 529 College Savings Plans and a high-yield savings account to grow your rainy day fund.

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