How does billing work?

Learn more about the premium payments that keep your policy active and in force.

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Your monthly payment is called a premium. When your payments are up to date, your policy is considered “in force,” or active. If you get behind on your premium payments, then your policy could lapse and your coverage could end.

Your first premium

Your first month's premium is collected as soon as you enter your payment information after receiving a final offer. Having a successful first payment is the final step to activating your policy’s coverage.

As soon as the premium is paid, your policy is in effect.

Oftentimes, the actual policy itself will become available for download a few minutes later. There are some instances, though, where it can take between 1-3 business days for the policy to be available. If you do not receive an email notifying you that the policy is available for download within 1-3 days of purchase, please reach out to our customer success team to let us know.

Your monthly life insurance premiums moving forward

Your card will be charged monthly on the “month-aversary” of your first premium payment.

If for any reason that payment fails (say, for example, you’ve changed credit card companies and forgot to update your info), our system will continue attempting to collect payment until it has been received or until your policy lapses due to nonpayment.

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