There is no penalty fee for canceling your policy, but there is a required form that you’ll need to complete in order to terminate your coverage. Please reach out to our customer success team to request the instructions and link to the online form.

It doesn’t take long to complete the form, but you should have some information handy, such as your policy number, which can be found by signing in to your Fabric account here, tapping the menu icon, selecting ‘My Account’, then ‘Settings’.

We cannot complete the form on your behalf and your policy will remain in force until we have received the completed form.

If the policy is in the free-look period, you are entitled to a refund. Otherwise, a refund is not guaranteed.

For policies managed by Fabric, we can process the cancelation as soon you e-sign and submit the required form. For policies managed by the insurer, Vantis Life, the form is first submitted to them. After they process the request, we will notify you of the termination. To expedite the request, you can e-mail a copy of the completed form to

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