What if I miss a premium payment?

If you get behind on premium payments, your policy could lapse. Learn more here.

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Once you get behind on your premium payments, your policy is at risk of lapsing and your coverage could end.

If for any reason your premium payment fails (say, for example, your credit card has expired but you forgot to update your info) you will enter a 31-day grace period. At that point, we’ll send you an email reminder along with instructions on how to update your payment info.

If you have missed a payment and wish to have one processed outside of the automated schedule, please reach out to our customer success team and they can assist you.

Your policy does continue to remain in effect throughout the grace period. However, if we still haven't received your payment by the 32nd day after your due date, your coverage will lapse and it will enter a reinstatement period. Our system will continue to attempt to collect any missed monthly payments until your payment is 60 days past due in order to get your policy back in good standing.

If payment has not been received after 60 days, your policy will be permanently canceled.

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