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How do I get an updated copy of my policy?
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For policies purchased before September 3rd 2022:

Depending on what state you live in, and for many policyholders, the forms indicating changes to your address and/or beneficiary information will be automatically added to your policy packet PDF. Any other changes, such as a name change or face amount reduction, would be reflected after we have collected the appropriate documents and made the changes to our system.

For states where the insurer, Vantis Life, is the managing entity, change forms are not automatically added to the policy packet PDF. Address changes, beneficiary changes, name changes, or face amount reductions are added to policy packet PDFs only after we receive confirmation from Vantis Life that their records have been updated.

For policies purchased on or after September 3rd 2022:

We are working on building out self-service flows for common policy change requests, such as address or beneficiary changes. In the meantime, any changes will need to be requested via Live Chat or emailing We will assist you through the process and once completed change forms are received, our system will get updated and a copy of your change form will get attached to your policy PDF. We send a confirmation e-mail once this is done as well.

For all policies:

You can always download a copy of your policy by logging in to your Fabric account, tapping the menu icon, selecting ‘My Account’ and then ‘Download Policy’. All change forms will be sequentially added to the policy packet PDF. This means that changes will be reflected as appended, or attached, documents found towards the end of the PDF.

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