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How do I update my policy's beneficiaries?
How do I update my policy's beneficiaries?
It's easy to update and/or add beneficiaries to your life insurance policy through Fabric. Just follow these easy steps to get started.
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For policies purchased before September 2022:

To make this change for your policy, you’ll start by signing in to your Fabric account, tapping the menu icon, selecting ‘My Account’ followed by ‘Update beneficiaries’’ nested in either the term life insurance or accidental death insurance card, depending on which policy you have.

Once you’ve made the updates, be sure to click the purple ‘E-Sign to Confirm Changes’ button, otherwise, the changes will not be valid.

For policies purchased in or after September 2022:

We are working on offering a self-service feature for our most recent policyholders as soon as possible! In the meantime, you can reach out to us via Live Chat from your Fabric account or email us at and let us know the:

  1. total number of primary beneficiaries you want to have

  2. total number of contingent beneficiaries you want to have (NOTE: Contingent beneficiaries only receive a payout if there are no living primary beneficiaries.)

We will prepare a form with the relevant number of spaces for each classification type and e-mail this to you via DocuSign. You can enter all personal details on this secure form and once it comes back to us, we will update all the information on file and attach a copy to your policy PDF for your records.

For all policies:

The beneficiary change form gets added to the very end of the policy PDF. Make sure you scroll to the end of the document to find your confirmation copy.

If you have questions on how you wish to set up your beneficiaries, please reach out to us via Support when logged in to your Fabric account.

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